Monday, January 25, 2016

Tis the Season

Not gonna lie - we didn't go ALL OUT for Christmas this/last year. We decorated, yes. We enjoyed the tree for a long time, yes. We had what I thought was a nice amount of decent gifts for the kid, yes. But when it came to big parties and get togethers and dinners, it just didn't happen. For a variety of reason but mainly because Taylor was recuperating from her tonsillectomy and then I got strep.

And I felt guilty. Sort of. Because I know there are only a couple more Christmases where Taylor will be in the house. And I want Tiny to love and enjoy the holidays. But some years there are other things that take priority. And I think it's ok for my kids to realize that we can put holidays and celebrations on hold or scale them and when they need us to.

Because - let's face it - Taylor was NOT going to make it through the upcoming major livestock season without being incredibly ill multiple times unless we got those tonsils out. It was time. And it's what was best.

All that being said, we tried to pack in some holiday goodness BEFORE her surgery. And I think we were pretty darn successful!

Tiny and I went to the Waco Christmas Parade while Taylor worked Waco Wonderland with the Sweethearts. I have an adorable photo of the two of them but it shows the baby's face so you'll have to imagine it for now.

Clyde and Dottie went to the Lorena Christmas Classic - a little jackpot show that we hit up each year in December.

Yes, he's grown a lot. And he's even bigger now. He just won't stop!

We had a fun night looking at Christmas lights around Waco that we kicked off with a live nativity at a local church. A super fun night that ended with cookie decorating. Tiny is a sprinkle master, friends.

We celebrated Nana's birthday and, because we were in the area, went to BLORA. Tiny loved Christmas lights and was amazed by this display. For the first 15-20 minutes. The traffic was so bad that it took 1.5 hours to make it through and she was just OVER IT by the time we were done. :)

Blue began his sweater collection and met Taylor in the Christmas version when she got home after surgery.

Even though she wasn't up to eating Christmas goodies, Taylor was intent on Tiny getting the full sweet effect of the holidays. So Tiny and I hit the grocery store early one morning to get all the ingredients.

The weather was kind of rough on Christmas Day so Santa brought Tiny's swing set a day early - just in time for Nana and Boppy's visit.

We finally got our star shower up a few days before Christmas. Tiny was enamored and just wanted to dance in front of the projectors.

Santa brought a chalkboard! Tiny loves it. I'm currently wondering how smart of an idea it was because she wants to chalk any and everything. Mainly furniture.

We had a lot of "discussions" about this tree. She wanted to redecorate it daily. And broke several ornaments in the process. But, at this very moment, she was truly just admiring it. And I totally loved it.

Clearly Taylor wasn't up for many photos and who could blame her? She totally rocked that tonsillectomy, though, and impressed her doctor thoroughly. That's my girl. :)