Thursday, January 14, 2016


After quietly celebrating Tiny's birthday on Thanksgiving, we were excited for our families to join us the next day so we could continue celebrating and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. We most certainly did both. :)

Yes, she wore this hat for her first birthday but it matched her outfit perfectly because...

...she's so small that I was able to buy the same outfit from her 1st birthday in a larger size. Yes, I've done this with multiple holidays. It's one of the perks of having a preemie. :)

I'm not really sure she ever had much of her princess cupcake cake because she was obsessed with eating the icing off of the cookies. But, hey, it's her party and all...

...and, of course, there were more presents to open. She's a pro at it this time around and, as always, she didn't hate being the center of attention. At all.

We also belatedly celebrated sweet Taylor's 16th birthday on this day as well. I mean we had already partied it up but you just have to have cake with family to make it official.

Around this time she also competed with her besties in Ag Advocacy. They won the district competition and fell slightly short of advancing to state. So, so proud of them!

She also FINALLY (after a very long delay of a teen procrastinating, a dad who needed a few weeks for a ticket to fall of his record and several trip to the DPS where everyone wanted a different type of form) got her driver's permit. Look out world - she may be right around the corner at any time. :)

Time at home was a sweet, sweet way to close out a hectic November. Of course, December was right around the corner and that always brings its own set of challenges. But that's a story for another day.