Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Yes, I'm still here. Yes, we're fine. Yes, it's been a while. No, there's no explanation or apology for the long absence. Why? Because 2015 was just a bear. And not a good Baylor type bear. One of those bears that you eventually overcome but it takes everything in you to do so and then you just have nothing left to talk about. And you may or may not end up lounging on your couch for almost two weeks during Christmas break.

But I digress.

Because I've missed almost a semester's worth of posting, let's hit the highlights and then fast forward to Tiny's birthday and Christmas with a little one. 

Taylor is a high school sophomore - whaaaaaat? How did this happen? Seriously, though, this photo was taken in our rent house back in August and that seems like a lifetime ago. This sweet girl had a rough, rough semester as she continued to suffer from strep/pharyngitis/tonsillitis almost constantly. 

Her first flare was last February and she suffered to the point that her tonsils were removed on December 22. She did remarkably well during recovery and will be released back to working and showing her animals at the end of this week. 

Through it all, she continued to show her animals regularly (and they did really well almost everywhere they went) and earned 5 A's and 3 B's (two of which were 89) for the semester with an overall A average. So proud of her for fighting through adversity over which she had no control.

We wrapped up summer shenanigans with a little trip to Hawaiian Falls with Tiny. She's a huge of almost all things water and I'm absolutely certain she'll be even more in love with the pool next summer.

We, of course, spent some time at McLane Stadium last fall cheering on our Bears. It was such a frustrating season because of a rash of almost unheard of injuries that - at one point - left us with no QBs. As you may already know, they put on quite a performance at their bowl game and finished strong. Ready to see them back on the field next season. With Seth back at the helm.

Tiny also went to the rodeo for the first time and watched her sister participate in the calf scramble. Which, though not successful, was incredibly fun to watch!

This sweet girl also spent many hours (right at 100 to date) volunteering as a Sweetheart at events throughout the area. She had a blast and I kind of love seeing her dolled up in Western wear sporting a sash. She even asked for a felt hat as a Christmas gift and she looked awfully sassy working the Circuit Finals last weekend.

Tiny celebrated Halloween. As a garden gnome. She was absolutely adorable, is a huge fan of candy, and is greatly appreciative to her sister for teaching her all about trick or treating. :)

Miss Taylor joined her good friends Em, Hal and Calvin on the Ag Advocacy team and they were very successful. Love all of them like they're my own. Seriously.

This was a new team for her this year and she's decided to switch things up again this spring. My little birdie is just swooping out of the nest these days, y'all.

So that's the brief run down on the fall. I just have to post separately about Tiny's 2nd birthday and Christmas because I have lots of pics to share. 

Because 2015 was so brutally busy and hectic, I'm committing to the word REST for 2016. I honestly just want to slow down long enough to enjoy our new house - which is almost fully decorated - my girls, their activities, and just being. We accomplished a lot in 2015 and were extremely blessed (remind me to tell you some time about how I almost lost my mom in October; like, she had an 8% survival rate) but I am praying with everything in me that this year will be a bit slower paced, a whole lot more healthy and more enjoyable overall.  :)