Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let the Games Begin

Continuing in my quest to get (somewhat) caught up again, let's talk Thanksgiving week. This is always a much anticipated time for us because Midway's new school calendar gives them an entire week. However, that means ZERO days off from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. Which is SO HARD on the kids and parents. But the teachers are the ones who vote on the calendar so that's the way I suspect it will remain moving forward.

Hal, Taylor and I continued our annual tradition of seeing The Hunger Games and, sadly, I guess we'll have to find a different movie next year since this was the last in the series. Insert sad face here.

Of course, Thanksgiving week is an even BIGGER deal now because of Tiny's birthday! This year, it actually fell on the holiday (that Dave worked) so we put her big gift together a little early. She absolutely loves her trampoline and for a child who has endless energy, I'm all for toys that expend a bit of energy.

Sweet girl also got her first haircut the day before her 2nd birthday. This is kind of a miracle because she was almost bald until just a couple of months before this day. Like most things where Tiny is concerned, once she takes off...she really TAKES OFF. {See also crawling, walking, talking, etc.}

The morning of her birthday, she and I spent a chunk of time in the kitchen getting ready to host the holiday meal with both our families the following day. Someone decided they wanted popcorn for breakfast and who was I to argue? :)

That night we had a yummy meal and a celebratory apple pie. Unfortunately, sweet girl just couldn't wait and NEEDED some ice cream first. Again, who was I to argue? She gazed at the candles while enjoying her treat.

Have I mentioned how much she LOVES sweets? {And really any type of junk food.}

After a quick wardrobe change into pi's, we opened a couple more gifts.

And she REALLY got into the whole opening of gifts this year, which was a lot of fun.

I love celebrating our girls with our families and friends but I try to have at least a special home cooked dinner where just the four of us celebrate. As the years quickly wind down that I'll have both at home {don't mention it to my face, though, because I might tear up}, I'm intent on carving out special time for our family. Even if it's FFF - Forced Family Fun. ;)