Friday, August 22, 2014

Wrapping It Up

Our very last day of vacation found the girls sleeping in while Tonto and I literally chugged cup after cup of coffee in the hotel lobby because a tiny person - who won't be named - did not sleep well AT ALL the night before. But it's better that it happened the last night than in the middle of the week, I guess. :)

We headed out to Kemah, which wasn't packed at all, and the girls got their ride wristbands. I rode one ride - the wooden roller coaster that was closed when we were there last year - and it was ROUGH. Also, my child may have screamed the entire way. And made some very sad sounding pleas for someone to let her off said ride. 

Clearly they recovered quickly, though, because they were up for silly pics immediately after.

We walked down the boardwalk and the girls fed the fish. Or, rather, tried to feed the fish. Those ducks were vicious, friends.

Tonto carried Tiny around like this so that she wouldn't get a sunburn. Baby girls make some people less tough. Or so I've heard. Just saying'. :)

Pretty sure this is the only pic he and I took together all week. My photos, in general, kinda lack this year BUT I had a really good reason. And much less time on my hands than usual.

The girls rode a few more rides...

...and then we headed to eat at The Aquarium. None of us had eaten here before but the atmosphere was amazing. The food was ok but the aquariums made up for it.

The girls spent a lot of time like this...kinda typical, I guess.

This dessert looks amazing. I know. I had high hopes. And it was just kinda ok. Which was disappointing. But, in my defense, I didn't choose it. Personally I would have gone for the creme brûlée. :)

Once back outside, we took a few more pics...

...and I'm kind in love with this one, honestly...

...before the girls did a bit more souvenir shopping.

They had plans to ride a few more rides before heading home but things got much busier while we were eating and they were tired so we set out for Waco. And Tiny proceeded to SCREAM until we got to Bryan and stopped because, well, SOMETHING had to give. Thankfully, Tonto got her to sleep and she remained that way until we got to the house.

And that wrapped up Tiny's first vacay. One that was super sweet, filled with fun memories, saw its share of good fun, was a great balance between beachin' and activity, and brought us yet another week closer to Taylor starting high school.

But that's a different story for a different day.