Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello, High School!

So this week brought back structure, routine and the beginning of Miss Taylor's high school career. She was a bit nervous about finding all of her classes at what is a pretty large school but she hasn't gotten lost at all this week. We picked up one of her friends on the way so they could walk in together. From what I hear, most of her crew did the same with someone who lived close by. :)

She was a little on edge that morning and asked if she could take a first day pic at school and send it to me. So here she and Emily are close to the end of the day...and they look 20, y'all. How did this happen???

She has several classes that she truly loves in addition to those pesky core classes. All in all, this has been a really good first week. She's gotten up on time, had a healthy breakfast every morning, got her work done, worked with her animals daily, and had family dinners each night. Since I'm in the middle of McLane Stadium opening weekend projects and Tonto was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday, I'm just gonna call those basics WINNING because it's been about survival the past few years. :)

She also went to youth group Wednesday night and apparently took some cute pics. Love this girl soooo much and her new love of fashion, shopping and accessories has given me a new window into her likes and dislikes. Love it. Even if it's about to break me. :)

Happy Labor Day weekend, y'all!