Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kayaking on the Brazos

The day after we came back from the beach, we dropped Tiny off at daycare and had some more mature fun. Taylor had really been wanting to try paddle boarding and kayaking so we headed to the Baylor Marina where she and Hallie tried their hand at the ol' board.

In fact, Taylor was pretty darn good at it and even managed to stand up for most of the time. Though she will tell you that it was difficult and, while she was happy to check this one off her bucket list, it's probably not something she will try on a weekly basis.

Isn't she cute?

After a while, the girls decided to try something a bit more stable like kayaking.

And, yes, Tonto and I made our way down to McLane Stadium to get a look at the new home of the Bears from the middle of the Brazos River. 

It was a really fun afternoon and it was also a pretty good upper body workout. We will definitely go kayaking again but I'm not sure the girls will try paddle boarding again any time soon. :)