Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lovin' on Livestock

The end of summer brought a new member of the livestock family. Meet Sprocket, friends. He joined us a few weeks ago and, honestly, came about much sooner than we had anticipated. But it's apparently been a banner year for show goat sales and it became pretty apparent that we needed to get one soon if we were going to get one at all. :)

Our breeder got out of the business this year so we ended up at a place in Rogers that we'd never heard of before; however, the people were so sweet and they take really good care of their animals (and place a lot of importance on genetics and switching on their stud regularly) so I'm sure we'll be back again next year.

Taylor decided to name her next goat Sprocket a long time ago. Like, in the middle of last show season, but it became very clear to me that she had gotten the one that was MEANT TO BE when we learned that his dad's name is Rocket. And he's a pretty good looking goat too. :)

Of course, lots of time has been spent with sweet Dottie throughout the summer months and she's actually going to her second show this weekend. And this time we won't be at a national points show so hopefully that will mean a little less stress for everyone involved. :)

Gotta love the livestock life, right?