Thursday, June 13, 2013

Visiting Our Bruiser Boy

Because we had to pick up the puppies from my parents' house once we got back in town from our trip, we decided to make the trip a little longer and visit our long lost boy - Bruiser!

Though he was confused, he did recognize his name and is still as precious as ever. Even if he is a giant now compared to when we last saw him. Of course, that probably has to do with his continued love for food.

His new dad, Stan, is absolutely precious and loves all of these goats with everything he's got. In fact, he's currently bottle feeding a triplet whose mom rejected it. Heart as big as Texas.

But the thing is that he's not handled on a daily basis like he used to be so he's a bit skittish these days. Nothing a little food couldn't overcome, though.

It was so good to see this little fella. But what I wasn't prepared for was just how much I wanted to load him up in the back of my car and take him home with me. It. Was. Rough.

And can I just tell you how many pictures I have of him doing this exact same thing?

The good news is that he's happy as a lark. And has a phenomenal home where he can play with other goats and roam. The only two things he's ever wanted to do.

And that's really all I've ever wanted. For him to be happy.

Yes, my girl was there and she was really excited about going. And happy to see him. But, in true Taylor fashion, she just wanted to observe and not get too close.

In retrospect, that may have been a really smart move. :-)

All in all, it was so good to see him. And to know he's happy. Of course, you can bet your bottom dollar that this will not be the last time we visit the boy...