Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hurricane Harbor

Continuing in our adventures last week, we hit Hurricane Harbor bright and early to avoid the crowds since the weather was supposed to be perfect for a day at the waterpark. These two beauties were READY.

And I'm actually a self-admited adrenaline junkie so their enthusiasm was not lost on me.

The lines were really short when we got there so, after we secured some lounge chairs for later in the day, we hit slide after slide after slide. And, y'all, it was so uncharacteristically cool for Texas in June that the water was COLD.

After the first round of thrill rides, including a straight vertical drop that I had to coax the girls into conquering, we hit the wave pool for a snack and a rest.

Because these girls can't hang with the old folks. :-)

And then it was time to conquer the other side of the park. Which was equally as awesome even if the lines were a bit longer since it was now later in the day.

And then they were in need of another snack (hello, teenagers!) but this time of the sweet variety. Taylor picked a Dippin' Dots root beer float...

...while the rest of us indulged in a Funnel Cake Sundae. And, y'all, it was phenomenal. And will be added to the tailgating menu this fall. No. Doubt.

Once we made a third trip to the rides, we deemed ourselves full spent. And made plans to hit the movies again - this time it was The Internship. Which was so funny. Loved it.

And, of course, it was time to feed the kiddos again. So we hit up a late night Pizza Hut. Which was eaten hastily in the hotel before we all passed straight out so we could head home early on Saturday before making another trip - this time to visit a long lost family member. :-)