Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Days

Summer days are upon us. And that means I end up taking a lot of field trips across campus. It may seem like you would save those for cooler days but, let's be honest, not having as many students on campus makes parking much easier.

This week I headed to the BRIC...

...and the Ferrell Center. Both amazing in their own right.

Summer days also mean some of my sorority sisters find themselves on campus as well. And I love that they're so sweet to stop by anyway. My sweet Heather came by last week. Looooove her!!!

Summer days also mean weekends are either incredibly full or pretty lazy. We had a crazy busy weekend at Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor the weekend prior so the last one was much more low-key. That means I spent time doing exciting things like grocery shopping and cleaning. :-)

But I also found some super cute patriotic flowers so I freshened up my Fourth of July wreath...

...and did an inordinate amount of baking.

Because sometimes you just need a lazy weekend at home.