Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Six Flags and Such

Last Thursday morning, we hit the road relatively early (for summer anyway) for Six Flags. And, because it's road trip tradition, we stopped at Whataburger on the way.

We arrived shortly after the park opened and were delighted that there were very few people there, to be really honest. We went during Spring Break last year and ended up buying a Flash Pass in order to conquer the park in one day. It's a fantastic option but it's kind of pricey so I only pull it out when necessary.

And this time - thankfully - it wasn't.

We went straight to the Texas Giant, which we weren't able to ride last time, and were able to ride almost immediately. Next up was the Titan, which is honestly one of the best roller coasters ever.

After a jaunt across the park, in which we decided water rides should be put off until later in the day, we decided to hit Superman next. I looooove this ride. And Theresa is an adrenaline junkie like I am. Taylor, on the other hand, always has some anxiety BUT comes through in the end and rides everything like a champ.

Mr. Freeze had been closed the last time we were at the park but we were able to ride it this time. It was fun but the whole backwards thing made the girls a bit skeptical.

And somewhat queasy, truth be told.

Right after getting off Mr. Freeze, we snapped this pic and I am so grateful we did because next up was Batman. And you know what I did not realize until we were actually ON the ride? It. Was. Raining.

But not heavily. So we headed over to the newest ride - the Sky Screamer. Of which I was actually somewhat afraid. Until it started raining. And, by "raining," i actually mean POURING.

Imagine my delight when we were absolutely drenched and it was FREEZING at the top of the ride because, oh my word, the WIND.

Photo cred on all Sky Screamer pics: Theresa :-)

Funny thing was it wasn't fast or scary. AT ALL. But we did look like drowned rats so we did what any drowned rats would do - grabbed a snack of onion rings, hit the Judge Roy Scream and then decided to hit the water rides after riding some really spin-ny ride that T insisted upon.

And once we were sufficiently soaked again, we had conquered the entire park. In less than five hours. And EVERYONE was ready for a shower so we headed to the hotel. The girls went swimming for a bit (thank you, Embassy Suites, for atriums and indoor pools so I don't have to worry about them getting into trouble) and then we headed to Studio Movie Grill where we saw Now You See Me.

Which. Was. Awesome.

And the concept of being served dinner while watching a movie pretty much blew the girls' minds. Which I loved, y'all, because it's pretty darn hard to blow their minds these days.

Once it was over, we headed home and the girls hung out in the hot tub before everyone crashed. We had another big day ahead - Hurricane Harbor. :-)