Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day

Because it was Tonto's regularly scheduled weekend to work, we celebrated Father's Day a little early. We met my parents at Buzzard Billy's on Friday evening because who can turn down Cajun food? 

Not. This. Girl.

Though this man may not be my biological father, he's the one who raised me (for the most part). The one who taught me to drive a stick. The one who put my heart back together when it was broken and who defended me at all costs. At all times.

And the one my girl calls Boppy. The one who has turned his life upside down for her from the moment she was born.

For these things - and so many more - I will forever be grateful.

I'm also incredibly grateful my girl has had Dave since she was 18 months old. Because he's done the exact same for her. Scrolling through Instagram and finding this post from her on Sunday pretty much stopped me in my tracks. In one of the best ways possible.

Our lives aren't perfect. But I do believe there's a special place for men who take in and love children who aren't biologically theirs like there's no tomorrow. Without reservation.

And I'm thankful both the girl and I have one of those in our life.