Friday, May 17, 2013

Midway FFA Banquet

So it happened last night. My girl's first school banquet. Generally these types of things don't happen until high school (unless a lot has changed since I was that age) but because FFA spans both middle and high school students, the girl was invited (dare I say encouraged?) to go. And we were more than happy to oblige. :-)

The Floral Design class (I'm so hoping my girl takes this class but I dare not suggest it because she won't do it if I'm on board) made these sweet centerpieces and decorations. Love. Them. Of course, I am a sucker for a cowboy boot. In any and every form.

While the girl was dressed up, I took the opportunity to snap a few pics. Y'all. I was completely unprepared for her to look each and every bit of 18 years old.

Clearly Tonto was caught off guard as well.

Because not only does she look much older than she is, she also looks eight feet tall. Heaven. Help. Me.

He looks thrilled, no?

But it was super fun to see some of our favorite FFA peeps again. Like sweet Sarah. :-)

And my girl - to her complete surprise - even earned her Discovery degree.

Our bud, Dakota, earned his Chapter degree as well...

...along with a few of Taylor's other friends.

Dr. Cox, T's principal who we LOOOOOOVE, received an honorary membership. He has been soooo supportive of the kids. Seriously. Couldn't have happened for a more deserving person.

And, though my girl is only a 7th grader, the jacket retirement ceremony really got to this mama's heart. I'm already dreading her leaving the nest. She is absolutely my pride and joy and I know the next 5.5 years will fly by if the first 13 have been any indication.

I left the banquet with a sore back (hello, high school cafeteria seating) and a new appreciation for just how little time we have with these precious blessings. Absolutely committed to enjoying every second. And to picking out a new goat next weekend to begin the process anew. :-)