Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Volleybal Hurrah

Taylor's last volleyball tournament was about a month ago and, honestly, I'm not exactly sure why it's taken me so long to talk about it. But sometimes you just need a minute to recover from experiences that leave a mark. :-)

And I say that with love for the girl, the sport and her club. Truly. I think the first year of a traveling team is probably rough for everyone and it was, at times, for us. Most. Def. At the end of the day, though, I'm so glad she played. We learned a ton and and made some great friends. And we'll back next year. No doubt.

What I didn't realize throughout this process is that I would miss it once it was over. Every week was a constant barrage of activity. And email. And making plans. And mapping out new gyms where we would spend an entire day. And I hated it at the time.

But now I miss it.

What I also didn't realize is that the mom of one of T's teammates wouldn't be able to join us on the journey again next year. We were stunned to learn that sweet C's mom passed unexpectedly and VERY suddenly week before last. And to say we were heartbroken for this sweet family with whom we'd spent many hours is an understatement.

What I know is that we were blessed to have a chance to meet Karen. And to share so many laughs and passionate, spirited discussions about officiating. :-)

So I'm grateful. And can't wait until next season. When I will undoubtedly embarrass my girl all over again. And will treasure each moment because we seriously have no idea how many we have left at any given time.