Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's Catch Up

You would think life after volleyball, track and goat wrangling would be calm. But, y'all, it's just as crazy as ever. So we're gonna play catch up really quick. With the hope (and prayer) that I will then be able to keep up. :-)

We got our West Trojans bracelets last week and they are amazing. In Tonto's defense, the reason it looks like he's clawing the girl in this pic is that she was being, um, somewhat difficult about the whole picture taking process.

Last week we had a press conference that included some announcements about Baylor Stadium and its construction. Which is where I met Lache Seastrunk and awkwardly asked him for a photo. Very nice guy, though. And he made some promises I certainly hope he's able to keep this fall.

Rambo went to school one day and, though he looks terrified in this pic, he was ecstatic to hang with his pups.

I was able to love on Mr. Reed and it was exactly what my heart needed after learning the mom of one of T's volleyball teammates passed away suddenly the day before. Which was compounded by the fact that one of my sorority sisters put her 2-year-old down for a nap last Monday from which she never woke. Hard, hard week. All the way around.

Friday afternoon I went home early from work because my allergies were AWFUL. After a several hours long nap, Tonto convinced me maybe I needed some fresh air. And we had promised to watch a Phillies game so that's where we landed. Totally lifted my spirits.

Saturday morning the girl and I attended her friend's mom's memorial service before the man and I went to play kickball. Yes. Kickball.  

Fun was had. Injuries were sustained. And we definitely felt our age the next day. But it was soooo much fun!

It has finally warmed up around here but it feels like it rains almost every other day. Rambo is definitely ready for summer, though.

Finals are wrapped and most of our students have headed out of town. But Commencement is this weekend so we were at the office late last night. Which could only mean one thing - late night shenanigans. This time they included RG3 (times two) and Coach Mulk.

Yes, I am a total nerd. And I'm ok with it.

So that's the synopsis. The girl is more than OVER school and is counting down the days until summer. But tonight is her FFA banquet so we're hoping to catch up with our farm friends. Will let you know how that goes... :-)