Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kickball (aka A Somewhat Poor Decision)

Once upon a time, a naive girl made a sarcastic comment in response to a Facebook status referencing adults playing kickball. Before said girl had any idea what had happened, she found herself in a random Woodway park playing this childhood game with a bunch of other adults.

It was amusing. Humiliating. Somewhat painful. And an all around good time.

Then we switched teams and the girl landed on the winning team. Life got better. Tons. Better.

There were injuries galore. And players dropped like flies. Some will require surgery in the coming weeks... :-(

There were many laughs. And new friends were made.

And, even if some found themselves downing pain pills that evening and took weeks to recover...

...it was totally worth it.

One day all these boys and girls will play kickball again.

But, once you're over 30, layoffs are built in for healing.



Pauline said...

this is awesome! we have kickball Sunday every week the weather lets us. Kids, grownups. It is awesomeness!