Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - Really Random Edition

Yes, we find ourselves here again. But really this is the only type of post that lends itself to the random pics I take with my phone. So, you see, it's sort of the only option.

1. When we arrived at the spring scrimmage, I noticed Mamadou Diene was in the tailgating area. He's a former Bears basketball player, all around nice guy and local celebrity who's known as "The Mayor." Did I mention he's also Boppy's fav Baylor player ever? He was kind to take a pic with the girls even though my understanding is that they were talking during this picture about my camera skills. Or lack thereof. :-)

2. Someone made the trek to Nana's house for Easter dinner. And was ready for his close-up. He also put his head in my lap at the dinner table and waited expectantly for a full meal. Why? Because his dad feeds him from the table at Nana's house. But only at her house. Too bad dad was working that day...

3. Rambo is an opinionated fella who signs audibly when he's annoyed. I took this one while working out one morning after he realized Tonto was at work and I was leaving soon. Luckily for him it was "school day" so all his pouting was really for naught.

4. Taylor's "One Team. One God. One Goal." shirt finally came in. The men's basketball team wore these during the NCAA tournament and she had to have one, y'all. Her "silly factor" goes up several notches when wearing it, I think.

5. We discovered a new snack - fruit salsa - and it's absolutely amazing. Also pretty healthy. I made it for Easter and whipped up another batch this week for the girl's afternoon snack. It's kid tested and approved.

6. And it's served with homemade cinnamon sugar pita chips, which are so easy to make that I've been kicking myself for not discovering this delicacy sooner.

7. Taylor's phone died an unceremonious death at the spring scrimmage which, surprisingly, didn't have anything to do with water. She's pretty stoked about the new one as you can see...

8. This week has been so busy. And annoying. Ready to fast forward to mid-May, friends.

9. The Baylor baseball team takes on the Aggies this weekend. Personally, I think it's time for a WHOOPing!

10. God is good. All the time. And I have no doubt the Speedy Gonzalez pace we've been keeping lately is His way of me being too busy to dwell on the events of this time last year. For that, and so many more blessings, I'm incredibly grateful.