Friday, April 6, 2012

Hippity Hoppity

It's well established that I love decorating for holidays and, of course, Easter is no different. These are actually some of my favorite decorations as they always signal a change in seasons (except that we didn't have a winter this year in Texas) and are fun and bright. They just make me happy, y'all.

Starb*rst jelly beans are a must have in our home....

...and these sweet bunnies make me smile.

I found this fun piece at Goodwill a few years ago for $5. Score!

There truly are bunnies everywhere this time of year. In our house at least.

But we love chicks as well. These don't photograph well because they're beaded and shiny but they're super cute in person.

Same goes for this little guy.

Ok, so maybe I do have a bunny problem. But I'm at peace with that issue, y'all.

Last year I painted a couple of eggs with my girl. They have bunny faces on them. Did you expect any less? It's hard to tell in the photo but they're a marbled purple. I put them out this way so the dogs don't try to eat them and choke.

A little cheer in the kitchen isn't ever a bad thing, in my opinion. Keeps cooking from being a chore.

My obsession this year is decking out my new apothecary jar for each season. I reused the green balls from St. Patrick's Day and the girl placed these sparkly eggs my mom gave us inside.

And I absolutely love flanked by sweet chicks and T's artwork.

Tay loved finding these types of eggs at area hunts when she was smaller. We gathered quite a collection and I like to pull them out each year. They will probably become even more dear to me now that she's decided working the face paint booth at the church's egg hunt is more her style than actually gathering eggs...

You knew it was coming.

What can I say? Running out of words to describe the cuteness.

Yep. Another one.

And, finally, bears dressed as bunnies. An homage to my alma mater, no doubt!

While I dearly love all things Easter, please know that the reason we celebrate isn't about bunnies, chicks, eggs or candy. The reason for the season, as they say, is that He did indeed rise again on the third day. Without that, nothing else really matters.

Yes, we wish you a Happy Easter. But, more importantly, we pray you have an unbelievable Resurrection Sunday.