Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seven Spikes Again


It's the number she's sported through four volleyball seasons and, somehow, we've now officially begun her last slate of games before she'll have the opportunity to try out for the junior high (gasp!) team.

While I have absolutely no idea how time has flown so quickly, I do know that Tonto and I were both incredibly impressed with the progress she's made since last fall. The skills she had earlier this week were nothing but outstanding.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom.

That pesky overhand serve that's been plaguing her is now going over the net. Most of the time anyway. (We're actually going to begin some light weight training this weekend to further strengthen her right arm since it's the one that was injured so severely.)

And to say that she was all over the floor hitting the ball (the correct way) back over the net (instead of into the lights or restroom) would be an understatement. It. Was. Amazing.

As was the spike she threw down on an unsuspecting player on the other team. She told me later, "That's my specialty." And it actually has been for some time. It's just that she previously wanted to do nothing but spike. :-)

No, they didn't win. But they did play one of the teams that always wins. And that's as far as I'm going to comment on that situation.

But, individually, she's shown incredible progress and that's really what matters to us at this point.

So here's hoping tonight is another stellar performance. Nana and Boppy will be there as well so she'll have a cheering squad...

...that will only refer to her as "Seven" because actually calling out her name is "sooooo embarrassing."