Thursday, April 5, 2012

Business Finished

Yesterday was one of the (many) days I've left work thanking God I have the chance to do work I love in a place I wouldn't trade for the world. And working at a university where a team just won a National Championship sometimes means you get to attend the homecoming celebration of said champs. :-)

We were welcomed by our very own Lori Fogleman (works in my division but is also the voice of the Lady Bears) and her radio partner, Rick May.

Everyone was announced individually - student managers, student trainers, trainers, assistant coaches, players and Coach Kim.

So fun to see these sleepy faces with ginormous smiles!

And, of course, there was a guest of honor - the trophy.

We heard from the seniors who expressed their appreciation for the fans. Ashley Field did a fantastic job even if she was nominated to be the spokesperson while she was sleeping on the plane...

We also heard from the First Fan - Judge Ken Starr. He's a rousing speaker all the time but let's just say he had a little extra pep yesterday afternoon. Loved. It.

We also heard from the All Americans - Odyssey Sims and Brittney Griner. Both amazing young women. Talented athletes. And both have huge hearts. Now I'm not going to go off on a tangent about how grown people should attack kids via social media (because we'd be here all day) but I do want to remember that Brittney's first words after winning every trophy and award possible were "First of all, God is Good."

Ian McCaw. Y'all this is the best athletic director in the country. Hands down.

And what party would be complete without the Noze Brotherhood making an appearance?

And asking the basketball coach to sign their football. These guys are a hoot and Kim played along perfectly. So fun!

Most Baylor functions end with That Good Old Baylor Line and a rowdy "Sic 'em, Bears!" 

This was no exception.

I cannot accurately put into words how amazing this year has been for Baylor University and all who love her. But I will leave you with these thoughts: between football and both basketball teams, we won 80 games this year. That has never been done before in history.

Baylor athletes won both the Heisman Trophy and the Wade Trophy. This has never been done before either.

This team finished with a record of 40-0. Also never done in NCAA collegiate basketball.

Every team thus far this academic year has been invited to compete in postseason play.

So, yes, I am proud. And I will not hide it because all this has been done with eyes firmly on the One who matters. Our student-athletes love Jesus with all their hearts. They volunteer and go on mission trips in droves. And they tell everyone they can about these experiences.

It is, indeed, a golden time to be a Bear.