Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Beautiful Bunny

Well, friends, we had a sweet Easter weekend and I hope you did as well. Tonto, the girl and I were off together from Friday through Monday (except for Sunday when he had to work) and we really enjoyed not having a lots of things on our "to do" list.

Friday was full of errands after I finally woke from my 12-hour nap (was a loooong work week, y'all) - I went shoe shopping, the girl got new clothes for Easter (and then some), and Tonto needed to replenish his stock of supplements. We also had lunch at Poppa Rollo's, home of the most delicious pizza EVER, and got groceries before the bit rush hit.

That evening found us boiling eggs so we could turn them into "mini monsters" (a several days long process) and baking for our church's easter egg hunt the next day. And while our cupcakes turned out great, don't ever believe what Google says about how you can supplement for an egg in baking when you run out. Just go to the store. Otherwise your brownies will be ruined. Also, "Dolphin Tale" is a phenomenal movie.

Saturday my girl worked in the face painting booth at the hunt and when I picked her up, she was hunting Easter eggs. This saddened me for a couple of reason. First, I had repeatedly asked her if she was going to participate since it was her last year to do so. She repeatedly said "no." So not only is my baby growing up but I wasn't even prepared with a camera to document the occasion. Just picture her gathering eggs and placing them into a Wal-Mart bag (too old for a basket) and enjoying herself immensely. :-)

It was so nice out that, after watching another movie (the "Footloose" remake is fantastic if you've never seen it...like me), we headed to Lions Park and played two rounds of putt putt golf before driving go karts. We learned the girl needs some driving lessons. Or at least some "braking" lessons. Poor Tonto got rear ended at full speed. We ended with dinner at Fuddrucker's, which was delightful as any meals that ends with a warm chocolate chip cookie is...

Sunday we were up and at 'em early and my girl donned her Easter outfit...

...which looked fantastic. And the cowboy boots only prove Tonto has finally turned her into a cowgirl.

My beautiful baby girl is way too grown up, y'all.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch with my parents and their neighbors (who brought homemade strawberry cheesecake!) and then the girl decided to spend the night so Rambo and I headed home alone. This is when I learned R is really not a fan of traffic. Or 18 wheelers. Or storms while riding in the car. Good times, y'all.

We did eventually make it home in time to do a little cleaning before Tonto got home and we had a quiet night cleaning out the DVR. :-)

Of course, I have more to share (as always) but we had a great day rejoicing in the fact that He lives. And He has risen. Indeed. 

Happy Tuesday, friends!