Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Though I could lie to you and insist we had an action-packed weekend that was both incredibly product and full of educational activities, the truth is that we were straight up bums who did as little as possible between Friday evening and Monday morning.

Truth be told, we've been really busy lately and I was running on fumes. When my head began pounding Friday afternoon and my sinuses were (again) threatening to revolt, I decided the high school football game was not in my future. Unfortunately, Tonto's knees kept him from going as well. :-(

Saturday the girl and I did some shopping with her birthday money. I think her selections of three Justin Beiber CDs along with Rio speak directly to her stage in life right now - not a teen but not a little girl either. Bless her sweet little heart.

We picked up the house, did some laundry and watched the new movie with Rambo that afternoon. It was his first animated feature film, which he slept through. Clearly he was mesmerized.

Sunday we went to church and Wal-Mart before heading home. I watched football while the girl viewed the Beiber movie again (I just couldn't do it again - once was cute but I think twice would have turned my sentiments to the dark side). After dinner (pot roast that was delicious and cornbread that was halfway delightful - the other half was a tad bit overdone), we all piled in the bed (Tonto and puppies included) to watch Zookeeper, which was super cute.

Before we knew it, Monday morning was upon us. Though we weren't that productive, I'm incredibly pleased to say that the girl and I were quite rested to begin the new week. Thank you, Jesus!

Tonto and I ran to the store yesterday after lunch where I learned about a snack that could be detrimental to my current fitness goals...

Can you even imagine?!?!

And, finally, this morning it was quite difficult getting out of the house because someone really wanted to go to daycare today. Unfortunately, he couldn't understand that Lexi won't be there until Wednesday. And today is not Wednesday.

Not only did he try to get into my car but he also refused to go into his kennel and parked his little behind by the back door. I had to almost drag him to his room where his kennel (and television set to cartoons) was waiting.

Good thing the little stinker is so darn cute!