Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Oreos

So the girl is playing volleyball again this fall. We have been truly blessed to have amazing coaches the last two seasons and Taylor has learned a great deal. This time around, they are calling themselves The Oreos and have the socks to prove it!

Don't they look adorable? And doesn't she look way grown up in this "action photo"?

They even have matching hair bows.

And, quite frankly, that may be all we have going for us this time around. But that's ok - not every team you land on is a powerhouse and she's made some new friends, which makes my social butterfly incredibly happy.

On another note, please know that this posts lacks any really exciting material as I have now been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Apparently steroids are great in a lot of ways but they also suppress your immune system. Who knew?

Well, obviously some people know but I did not...so I'm WUI - Writing Under the Influence. Of antibiotics, an inhaler, Mucinex and some new pill that's apparently not on our insurance's formulary... :-)

So y'all have a great Tuesday and stay well!