Monday, October 10, 2011

Miracles Do Happen

Yes, after an extended break due to an allergy flare landing me both in bed for two days and on steroids (a double dose, mind you, compared to last time) for seven. To say I'm a bit on edge would be the understatement of the century. Yes, the century.

I don't like steroids a bit but they were my only option. They're a bit of a rollercoaster as well so some days are productive while others are clearly not. :-)

We had a busy weekend full of football again but I've yet to download any pics (your retinas can send thank you notes) but I did snap a few with my phone last week that I wanted to share if for nothing but posterity's sake...

First of all, it rained yesterday. In Texas. Almost six inches in Waco. Y'all, it was glorious. And I was feeling pretty good and had lots of energy (one positive side effect) so I went into full on cooking mode. And I don't mean the healthy kind!

First up was a favorite of both the man and the girl. The rain wasn't doing his knees any favors and he'd been super busy at work on Saturday so he was due a treat. And this week is the girl's birthday so she's got the upper hand at the moment...

May I present our 7-Up Pound Cake?

Ok, so I cheated and used Sprite was still good!

One of our other favorites is my late mother-in-law's King Ranch Casserole. You might be wondering how hers is different than other recipes. Well, there's a secret ingredient...

Truth be told, I only saw her use the Nacho Cheese flavor but these have been brought back for a limited time so I thought we'd give them a whirl. And that whirl turned into a delightful waltz of the taste buds, friends. Yum!

And finally, while our boy was at Dogtopia last week he got his nails cut. Because they're currently donating a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research, he was gifted this snazzy bandana. 

Real Dogs Wear Pink, Y'all!

Happy Columbus Day, friends!


Kendra said...

Hey, girlie! I am needing the King Ranch with doritos recipe!