Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of Sixth Grade

This morning my girl bounded out of bed, plugged in her flat iron and insisted I get up so we could do a quick "touch up." Apparently this is how sixth grade begins...

She even smiled for pictures. Before 7am. It was like a back to school miracle, y'all.

It also hit me like a freight train that she has really grown up over the summer. Doesn't she look about 25?

So she's all ready for school with new tennis shoes, athletic shorts and feathers. All I know is if I'd asked my mom for feathers in my hair in sixth grade, she would have looked at me like I'd lost my mind. But now everyone has them...such is life, I suppose...

Texting her friends bright and early so they could meet up at the designated location :-)

And a quick pic with the boy who just turned one!!!

So, Miss Taylor, here's to an absolutely fantabulous school year. We love you more than you could possibly know and have no doubt you'll be successful at anything you set your mind to accomplish. You are amazing and I'm so very blessed to be your mom. 

P.S. Please remember not to talk incessantly. I know it runs in the family but still... :-)