Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekly Top 10

1. My man does not eat junk food. Just ask him - he'll gladly tell you the same. Therefore, it is most certainly NOT him in the photo below. Eating red velvet cake with a side of salted caramel and chocolate ice cream. Nope - can't be!

2. For the most part, he truly doesn't eat sweets. For real. Just having a little fun with him...

3. Everyone's dog eats off a for, right?

4. If you ask my girl for help taking a new profile pic for Facebook (got to represent the summer hair color!), you might want to specify that it not be a super close up that shows every wrinkle and imperfection. Exhibit A...

5. My girl heads to volleyball camp tomorrow at Baylor. She's really excited because the counselors are current players, she gets to stay in the residence hall with a roommate and - apparently most incredible - they eat three meals a day in the dining halls. 

6. I'm not completely certain she realizes that this will be a hard core workout for four solid days. There is no doubt in my mind she can do it and will improve greatly (she has the skills but needs a little more aggression)...just thinking she may be in for a bit of a surprise.

7. This is still my favorite picture of her at the present time. She's all signed up for ballet, lyrical, tap and jazz next year so we've apparently found a third love (volleyball and softball are the other two).

8. I'm making an tiny road trip with my man one day this weekend and I'm pretty stoked about it. Tonto has been working like mad and some rest and relaxation is definitely needed. For all parties involved.

9. I will be 33 in less than two weeks. How does that happen?!?! Sort of feels like the last six months have been a fog so there is actually some excitement on my part about a fresh start.  ;-)

10. The girl does actually take nice Facebook profile photos once she gets all of the silliness out of her system. It's only fair to show both sides of the coin, right? 

Happy Thursday, friends!