Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Lil' Preview

Last week we headed to San Antonio for a little mini vacation. This is becoming somewhat of an annual trip since summer just seems to beg for more than one fun road trip! Things are a wee bit on the crazy side this week but here's a little preview of our fun. And, because you know me by now, you have to know the full recap is coming - complete with a ton o' pictures - once I have a bit more time. :-)

We hit Fiesta Texas on Thursday and it was so much fun - Tay both got a picture with her favorite character and then won him. Can I just let y'all know that I live with some dart throwing fools? Seriously...

After sweating off nearly 10 pounds, we got all prettied up and headed to Magic Time Machine. Oh. My. Sweet. Mercy. Y'all, this food was amazing and the atmosphere was super fun.

Friday and Saturday we headed to Sea World. As you may know by now, we are some animal loving peeps so it seemed like a natural fit. Unfortunately, we were all tired and a little cranky on Friday but a trip to the waterpark saved the day! :-)

Like I said, this is just a brief glimpse but I hope to have all the pictures edited by the end of the week. My girl leaves for her last camp of the summer tomorrow and I'm going on a work trip that won't have me home until about midnight today so logistics are a bit of a challenge this week.

Also, yesterday was my birthday and can I just suggest that Facebook is awesome on one's birthday? I had about 200 messages throughout the day and it was so sweet and special. My parents came up last night (which I greatly appreciate because their new and amazing home is about an hour from Waco one way) and we ate at Chuy's before hitting 3 Spoons for dessert. 

It was simple and fantastic. And I am definitely praying 33 will be an easier year than 32...  :-)

Happy Wednesday, y'all - try to stay cool!