Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

My motto for this summer is to enjoy it as much as possible. The first six months of this year have been r-o-u-g-h and, quite frankly, we just want to have some fun. To that end, we hit the Belton Fourth of July Parade yesterday with my parents.

My dad wears this shirt once a year. Love. It. :-)

Watching SpongeBob slowly melt...

And then it was time for the big event!

Land of the free...

...because of the brave...

...for which we are INCREDIBLY grateful!

This parade brought back a lot of memories - both good and bad - because we used to go to it every single year when Taylor was younger. We have all come such a long way and are so thankful for redemption and deliverance.

We headed home and took a nap before heading out to a friend's house for some fun in the sun. Y'all, it is HOT but it was good to just spend some time hanging out and visiting.

Then the girl and I (Tonto had a 5am wake up call this morning) headed to my office about 9pm (with a stop via Sonic for some treats) to watch fireworks from my office. We are incredibly blessed with giant windows overlooking the river, which provides for a great air conditioned viewing deck.

Can I get an amen for the air conditioning?

Hope everyone had a fab Fourth of July - here's to a super fun and busy month!