Friday, July 22, 2011

May I Offer You Some Magic, Kind Sir?

After our exhausting, hot, fun day at Fiesta Texas, we headed out to dinner at Magic Time Machine. Neither Tay nor I had ever been but Dave assured it was yummy until he looked up some recent reviews, which were less than complimentary. He balked for a few minutes but, ultimately, the girl and I really wanted to experience it so we headed out...

If you've never been, it's the most eclectic restaurant you will ever see. Each table/booth has its own theme and each server dresses as a different character. Ours was Harry Potter. And it was the night the last movie premiered. The only issue was that none of us know anything about Harry Potter. We did, however, enjoy his card tricks! :-)

It was awesome to just walk around and see the different decorations. I suspect a miniseries of Hoarders  could be filmed here one day but, in the meantime, let the good times roll.

We were in a sunken area that was enclosed. Dave thought it had a bit of Chinese flair; however, the photos on the wall depicted Rome. All I know is that it was super cool.

The ceiling was crackled mirror. There was another server who kept walking by and telling me how much she liked my hair. In fact, she asked if she could have it. Cracked. Me. Up.

See what I mean about eclectic?

There was face painting available but Tonto and the girl opted out of that experience. I explained that mine had already been applied at the hotel. :-)

A nice guy who was making balloon animals came by as well, which is why we left with a duck.

Here's another photo the girl took of us. Let's just say that the fact that our tables were sunken made a good photo challenging...

On our way out, there were some photo opportunities that simply could not be passed on...

And, by the way, the food was absolutely AMAZING! As we left, we all decided the folks from the ol' internet had no idea what they were talking about because the food was soooo good. From the salad car to Tay's chicken fettuccine alfredo to the sampler (steak, Hawaiian chicken and shrimp) Tonto and I shared, it was phenomenal.

We will definitely go back.

Happy weekend, y'all!