Monday, July 25, 2011

Morning at Sea World

Continuing with our little San Antonio mini vacay (yes, I'm really behind!), we hit Sea World bright and early after our evening at Magic Time Machine. The girl wanted to feed the dolphins and sea lions so we got there as it opened so they would still have fish for sale.

This might be where I should tell you we were all tired, didn't sleep well in the hotel, were sweating like mad by 10am and were a wee bit on the cranky side. Just keeping it real...

We do, however, love animals so we were excited about the day regardless of our moods. :-)

So we headed over to Dolphin Cove, Tonto purchased some fish and the girl set about making new friends.

My one good shot of my two favorite people...

Next we headed over to the sea lions. Tay has been talking about this guy for three years (since we last visited) because she felt so sorry for him. He's blind and is very blessed to be at Sea World because I have no doubt he wouldn't make it out in the ocean. He's super cute and is very good at begging for food!

I must say, though, that the girl has a new favorite animal - the otter. She absolutely fell in love with these guys, y'all.

Then we hit the first show of the day - Cannery Row Caper. This was the girl's favorite show last time around...

Her favorite ride is definitely Journey to Atlantis (or at least it was at the beginning of the trip) so she and I cooled off a bit...

...before heading over to Azul, which features lots of acrobatics, dolphins and a beluga whale.

By this point we were sweltering so we donned our swimsuits and hit the waterpark. After playing in the lazy river, we hit some tube slides and the wave pool before heading back into the regular park and going on the river rapids ride. Have to get all of the water fun in at some point, right?

Because we were close to the ski arena, we also had a chance to see that show as well. It was like all the theme park stars had aligned.

Then we resumed our regular Sea World schedule and headed back to the hotel for dinner (Denny's - they have revised their menu and it is AMAZING!) and a shower before returning for the night shows.

All in all, a super successful morning :-)

Happy Monday, friends!