Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KRT - Salvation

On our last night of Kingdom Road Trip we talked about salvation and visited the Waco Water Park. That just makes sense, right? Let me tell you now that these kiddos were excited with a capital "E" and were more than happy to let any and all within earshot know about their EXCITEMENT.

So after a quick lesson, we headed out on the buses and began our visit with a little chat from Brother Billy about what being baptized is all about. 

Then we got down to business because what's the point of being near a large body of water if you can't baptize someone, right? 
Of course, our fun was a bit short-lived because, well, I think the picture will tell the story...
A giant storm blew in right after the baptisms that dumped buckets - and I do mean BUCKETS - of water down on us in approximately .00001 seconds. I can attest to this because I was, in fact, running (go ahead and laugh at that mental image) to the bus to take cover.

In fact, I'd venture to guess you have never seen me move quite that quickly before. It poured and, if that wasn't exciting enough, about half of the kiddos had gone home with their parents while the others were on the bus with us. Can you spell C-O-N-F-U-S-I-N-G?

After a few roll calls, though, we headed back to the church. And it continued to pour the entire way.
Quite frankly, I thought it was testament to His goodness that the rain had held off up until that point. And, because of the weather, we were able to reschedule and the entire church enjoyed an evening at the water park on Sunday. I can't show you photographic evidence because my child spend the entire two hours going down one slide or another while I visited with my girlfriends. 

It was, in fact, heaven and it was so good to have a chance to catch up because this summer has been quite chaotic. Good times, for sure, but Momma needs a nap, y'all!

I would like to apologize for a lack of wit and sass in this post but, as my dogs can testify, I woke up this morning with a crazy sinus headache that caused crazy dizziness as soon as I stood up and tried to blow my nose. I did, in fact, have to brace myself on the bedpost. And I would venture to guess - from the interesting looks I got from the 4-legged folks - that the canines in my home have NEVER thought I was crazier.

Like I said, good times...