Friday, July 16, 2010

Kingdom Road Trip - Jesus

As we continue our adventures through Kingdom Road Trip, may I introduce you to one of my favorite images from my amateur series?

Not because I actually think this is Jesus, though the visual did have a big impact on the kiddos, but because that's just how I picture Him. Waiting. Totally unassuming. Just biding time until I figure out once again that I can't do it alone.
Clearly the class had an awesome lesson on our third evening of study. It was so much fun to hang out at Cameron Park because, honestly, I just forget it's there so we don't visit much as a family.
It is a beautiful setting, though, and has lots of places for kids of this age to run, jump and play while adults of my age reminisce about the time when such activity didn't have repercussions the next morning.

But I digress...
There was kickball...and where's there's a ball and a passel of third graders, there must be an injury, right? Thankfully it was a minor one and the game resumed with only a minor delay...
This was the BIG night, at least where VBS is concerned. Quite frankly, I can't imagine anything being more important than children hearing the Gospel. There are a number of frightening statistics I've recently read that only underscore the need for people to hear the Good News early in life. 

The focus our church - and staff - have on children is only one of the many reasons I love Brazos Meadows but let me assure you it is a BIG one. :-)
And because you'd still be wrong if you think I gave up on trying to capture images of my girl (I was literally sneaking around and hiding at this point - it was pitiful), I present you with the only one that captured her from the front. 

I will also admit that, at this point in the week, I was exhausted so I let her wear whatever she wanted that evening. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until we got to church that the child had obviously chosen comfort over fashion and was the poster kid for a ragamuffin.
Note to self: Ten year olds don't care - AT ALL - to be called ragamuffins.
We also had a fun craft/snack this evening as we fashioned tombs out of pink snowballs (can I just admit that I'd never tasted one of these before and my life has not been the same since - what was I 
waiting for?!?!?)

This one cracked me up :-)
There was, of course, some singing and dancing going on again. What struck me is that the further along we got in the week, the more moves our music minister, Paul, broke out. As you can tell from the three holdouts on the left, not all were comfortable expressing their inner chicken in such a public venue...
We once again barely missed the storm (and hitting a truck but that's a totally different story) as we were  leaving but, as only Jesus can, He timed it just right...

And on this note, I will bid farewell to what has been a very, very rough week on a number of fronts. I'm happy to report that my grandmother is now home and doing much better. My parents are with her so Gilbert is once again hanging at our house. Actually he's just hanging out in Tay's room as he apparently has an affinity for animated Disney movies. Who knew?

It's Dave's weekend to work so the girl and I are going to see Despicable Me in 3D tomorrow before heading to a church outing at the Waco Water Park on Sunday. In between I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on the repainted/redecorated hallway and begin painting the girl's bathroom.

I have lofty goals...some may or may not be fulfilled this weekend but I can assure you that a birthday cake sno cone from Bahama Bucks will fit in the picture at some point. They are highly addictive and, given that my actual birthday is on Monday, I think it's well deserved. :-)

Hope you have a fab weekend as well!