Monday, July 12, 2010

Identity Crisis

Yesterday started off like any other Sunday. My man harassed me into waking up before I could hit snooze 4 times, the girl was "exhausted," and coffee was our companion to Sunday School. I had on a bejeweled dress and stilettos while the girl actually worn a dress and the man, well, he wore Wranglers as usual.

It was normal.

And then something happened. After a wonderful morning at church, I was ushered into Wal-Mart where I was instructed to pick out a fishing rod and reel. One that would be my very own.


How did this happen? Who in the world did he think he was talking to? Did my man know me AT ALL?

All of these things were running through my head but I eventually figured out that Dave was taking us out to the ranch of the doc he works with in the NICU. And we were going fishing. We needed rods, bait and - my personal fav - bug spray.

So, after a nap, I donned my finest fishing gear, applied fresh lip gloss, fluffed my hair and declared that I was ready. That's when I was informed that I should pull my hair back in a hat. Apparently the sun would be beating down and I would appreciate said head adornment later.

And we were off....and my man was snickering because he thought he was in store for "a hilarious adventure."

And so he was...because he actually spent 90% of his time undoing what we did to the rods that would cause something called a "hang" or "hook." Who knows? 
While Tay was intent on fishing from the beginning, I decided to take a picture that would indeed prove I'd been on the trip.
Then the man caught a fish. Then I hooked one. But it got away.
And, after 30 minutes or so, Tay decided she needed to take her pole to the other side of the tank.
Where she immediately got a bite. After reeling it in with everything she had, it got away. Miss Thang was on the verge of deciding fishing may just not be her thing...
But she sure was cute doing it....and then this happened...
I'll have you know I caught both of these fish but, honestly, I'm only up to holding one scaley creature per day. That's my quota and limit. I own it. There was also another one who didn't make it to the camera because he was small...and also because Tay was getting increasingly irritated that we were catching fish while she wasn't...
But eventually, after much prayer, this happened!
Because it was dark, we decided it was time to head in but she requested "just one more try." Lo and behold, the child caught another fish but, as her mother's child, holding one fish per day is also her limit so Davey stepped in :-)
To be quite honest, between fixing our poles, the man caught a number of fish. The most of the three of us, to be quite frank. He's a fishing stud like that :-)
Though we're more than happy to living in the suburbs at this point in our life, it was nice to get out and enjoy some peace and quiet. Family time, if you will. Away from the craziness that sometimes threatens to overwhelm our ability to focus on what's really important.
I love these two photos - they just make me smile. And it's not because Dave unearthed his pearl snap shirt...
She looks like a natural, doesn't she?

And, just for the record, I didn't completely lose my mind. My rod and reel is red. Tay's is pink. Even fishing must have boundaries, y'all...

...and I'm proud to say that at one point my rod quit reeling, which was apparently the result of some type of "backlash" and I do believe "the worst I've ever seen" may have come out of my man's mouth. But he fixed it. With a smile on his face.

We've come a long way, baby! :-)