Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday by Taylor

So today is my 32nd birthday. As someone who truly believes life didn't begin in earnest until 30 (or perhaps that's just when I finally grew up?), I feel like a mere toddler. :-)

Of course, sometimes I also look like one with my crazy curly hair.

But I digress.

Anyway, we actually celebrated my birthday last week before my parents headed to Louisiana to be with my grandmother. Miss Tay gave me an awesome vase with a heart on it (She insists that every present for me have a heart on it because "hearts mean I love you." Started this when she was 2 years old - isn't she awesome?) My parents gave me a great Fostoria vase (a birthday staple), a great new necklace and an awesome purse.

So, basically, score!

My girl also designed a birthday cake for me. It's from my absolute favorite bakery, Ye Olde English in Temple, and it was heavenly. I do wish, though, that the child was willing to incorporate a bit more color into her original designs...

She literally changed the entire order two or three times. There were a number of covert calls between Miss Thang and Nana in the days leading up to the big celebration. And I'm relatively certain I've never loved a baked good more.

We have, of course, eaten all of said baked good by now. Hey - that was almost a week ago, after all. So we're planning to hit up Bahama Bucks for birthday cake sno cones this evening. And then I'm going to have to be good again because we're heading on a little trip later this week that involves a swimsuit.

I know - it was hard for me to process as well. I've almost come to terms with the process, though. If you think about it, a prayer for onlookers might be in order. :-)

Over the weekend Tay and I checked out Despicable Me and it was really good. Great redemption and adoption story - K-Love was right on with the review of this movie. It got four thumbs up from us. 

We also added a new member to our family via Build-a-Bear. I'm not sure exactly what it means when you're such a good customer that they send you coupons for free bears. It could be that they audited our account and saw that we have quite a penchant for accessories. I can assure you that we did indeed spend more on outfitting Cuddles (who is pink I'll have you know - it's almost like I don't even know my child these days) in a dress, sandals and matching headband.

Best of all, the girl informed me that if I can find a fuschia headband with a big flower on it just like the one Cuddles in sporting, she will wear it. I repeat - THE CHILD HAS AGREED TO WEAR A HEADBAND. AND SHE ASKED THAT IT BE PINK.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to do a bit of shopping... :-)

Happy Monday, y'all!