Monday, July 26, 2010


Happy Monday, y'all!

Yes, we're back from our little tubing trip to New Braunfels. We had so much fun and had one unexpected experience with Bo that was wildly entertaining to everyone in the hotel, our friends and family, and the pet store owner from whom we had to buy a kennel late in the evening.

I'll save all of those stories for another time, though, as I'm a wee bit busy today.

On Friday afternoon we took a little detour over to Gruene where we had lunch at the Gristmill. It was absolutely delicious. My man had a burger and I had a grilled chicken sandwich (Tay had a turkey sandwich in case that's an important detail) and we decided to split them, each having half.

I tell you this only because as I bit into the burger and it dripped down my chin, I told my man that it was fantastic but a bit on the greasy side. To which he replied, in true cowboy fashion, "Baby, you're in Texas. That's what we call juicy."

Consider me schooled :-)

I also learned, a bit too late, that there is no air conditioning in Gruene. Not even in 100 degree July temps. I thought that particular type of torture had been outlawed but I stand corrected.

Below you'll find our trip in pictures - and I'll be back tomorrow with the story of the four legged fugitive. Until then, stay cool, my friends!


Ang said...

The Gristmill -- yum!! Looks like you had a grand time!