Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Personal March Madness

Another whirlwind of a week has come and gone, which means we're staring in the face of another weekend.

While we are very thankful Dave is another week along in his recovery, I must admit that him being pretty much bedridden has made life much more eventful. From this side anyway. :-) He's doing really well and his spirits are high now that he's able to head to the gym with me for an upper body workout.

His first follow-up appointment was yesterday. We saw the athletic trainer, who took his stitches out and gave him some new exercises to do that should keep his muscles conditioned during this non-weight bearing period. We also learned that his doc misspoke after surgery. He is to be non-weight bearing for SIX weeks and not four as we previously thought.

He sees the surgeon on April 12, which is only a few days before he's scheduled to return to work. Sounds a little unsettling, doesn't it?

I thought so too!

The good news is that activity with this type of surgery usually goes from zero to 90 miles an hour. Basically, from not being able to do anything at all to being able to do anything you want within your pain limit.

So we're hopeful he'll still be able to return at that time. Honestly, I believe he'll be fine but I also believe he'll go back regardless of the April outcome. Not because he's one to go against medical advice but because he'll be stir crazy and will most likely agree to return in a wheelchair if it'll just get him out of the house! :-)

We don't have much going on other than recovery. Tay's been absolutely wonderful helping me around the house and she's looking forward to a fun skating party with her church group tomorrow. I had lunch with her at school today and really enjoyed visiting with her before she was all tuckered out from school and then playing with her friends at daycare.

She cracks me up. Every stinkin' day. Love, love, love her!

To pieces. :-)

Happy weekend to you all - hope it's a fantastically fabulous one.

P.S. If you think I didn't almost have a heart attack during yesterday's game and then proceed to jump up and down (in the clinic hallway, mind you) once I saw that Baylor had won, you might not know me very well. Let's just say that a number of people I've never seen before (and who probably hope they never will again) go a hearty "We won! We won!" from me as we made our way to the elevators.

I've never been one to participate in March Madness but, seriously, with my natural propensity toward madness this might just push me over the edge. And I'm loving every single second. :-)