Friday, March 12, 2010

Only 3 More Weeks Now...

Hello world!

What have you been up to this week?

Us? Why, we've just been in survival mode, y'all.

It's been a rough, long, exhausting week but we're now down to 3 weeks of the man being non-weight bearing and that's definite progress.

Taylor had a great time going on various field trips at daycare because it is Spring Break after all. She's also heading to Austin tomorrow with my parents to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D at the Bob Bullock Museum. She's super stoked.

And, quite frankly, Mama needs some alone time...

Not because she's been difficult this week. She's been fantastic. And helpful. Very sweet. Uncharacteristically perky in the morning.

But being up and down with Dave during the night is tiring. Listening to him writhe in pain is heart-wrenching. And, if I'm honest, I've also felt a bit sorry for myself that the entire weight of our household rests solely on my shoulders for now.

My appreciation for single parent families and those whose spouses/loved ones are currently deployed is at an all time high.

This, too, shall pass. And, thanks be to God, my attitude hasn't been too bad this week. (Give or take 3-5 moments.) I've also been amazingly productive at work, which will be most helpful as we race to the end of fiscal year deadline at the end of April.

We're hanging in there and I hope you are too. Happy weekend to all and to all a good nap. ;-)


Timothy Dillon said...

Be sure to get your Alice in Wonderland tickets in advance. The Austin IMAX tends to sell out shows in advance. It's a popular movie.