Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Luck O' the Irish

Though I have no pictures to prove it (yet), I can assure you that Miss Tay is indeed decked out in green this morning. She even has on a giant button that says "Luck o' the Irish" and it may or may not flash with the type of intensity that could induce seizures.

Wonder if I'm the teacher's favorite parent today....

But, hey, a girl's gotta have fun when she's taking a practice TAKS reading test. She took a practice math TAKS test yesterday. She sure knows how to have fun, doesn't she?

There's really not a lot going on in our little world right now. Dave is doing better (except for yesterday when the nasty, rainy weather rolled through) and is not in much pain at all. He's getting around pretty well and has gone with me to the gym for the past three days. Don't worry - he's only doing an upper body workout but it's been good for him to have something to look forward to each day.

For some reason he thinks being stuck in bed for 4 weeks with a large bottle of Vicodin is hell on Earth while I think it would be a little slice of heaven. I'm sure it's all a matter of perspective, though. :-)

Tomorrow he heads back to the doctor (with me in the driver's seat, of course) for his first follow-up appointment. It's really just an incision check, I think, and we're guessing he'll get his stitches out at that time since the puncture wounds have closed up nicely.

All in all, he's recovering very nicely. We're making it. And this week is ever so much better than last. I can only imagine how much better things will be when he's able to go through life without pain. Poor guy!

From our home to yours, we wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day. May you get kissed many times today :-)