Monday, March 29, 2010


It seems like October was so long ago, doesn't it?

That's when my baby girl began the very long journey to healing. When we struggled through a major injury. When she had emergency surgery and had a plate and six screws placed in her arm.

When I sat by her hospital bed and cried through the night. And texted my husband non-stop because he couldn't sleep either.

When we quieted her fears while facing our own.

And thanked God for grandparents who could - and would - shoulder the burden.

It seems like a really long time ago - almost six months to be exact - but I can assure you that the emotions of that dark period are still very raw. In fact, I just wiped away tears that sprang to my eyes just thinking about it.

No, she did not have a life-threatening injury. She had not been diagnosed with a terrible disease that would require months or years of treatment.

And, for that, we thank God every single day.

But she is our baby. And she was scared. While also incredibly strong.

We did not - and still don't - have all of the answers. We are very certain she will face more trials. But she will not face them alone.

We are also praising Him that her bone is now completely healed.

That she has full range of motion back in her elbow (save a miniscule amount due to some scar tissue that still remains).

That she was released last week to be "a normal kiddo" again.

That we don't struggle, cry, yell and scream through rehab every single night.

Yes, we still have challenges. No, she is not comfortable enough with her scar yet to confidently wear short sleeves. Yes, we have hope.

We have a rock on which we choose to stand. Come what may.

And I can, without reservation, tell you that our family is closer than ever. That we are, as a certain housewife would say, "thick as thieves."

Good did come from what is one of the darkest hours I've faced as a parent.

Today we celebrate. We look forward to what we hope will be a year without significant injury, illness or loss. And we rest in Him during this precious time we refer to as Holy Week.

We do this together. And that's what it's really all about, right?