Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who Dat, Y'all

Now I'm really not one to jump on and off of bandwagons, particularly when it comes to sports teams. In fact, I have a few I love and - regardless of the outcome of our games - I remain a steadfast fan to the end. 

I'm a huge Baylor Bears fan (obviously, right?) not only because I graduated from Baylor and now work at the University but mainly because I believe in what Baylor stands for. And I believe in our students. And it's hard to root against our guys once you get to know them. Because they're awesome. Truly remarkable young men.

I held out for a long time where the Dallas Cowboys are concerned because I felt Jerry Jones treated Tom Landry unfairly. Obviously I learned to carry a grudge from my mom because she will not cheer for them to this day. Out of loyalty to my husband, however, I have come to like the 'Boys. However, if this season's performance is any indication, my support isn't necessarily a positive.

There is one team to which I have - and will continue to - been loyal to all of my 31 years. As a young child who grew up in Louisiana, I vividly remember seeing the newscasts showing the fans of the New Orleans Saints walking into the stadium with paper bags over their faces. 

Let me tell you - there are NO fans like New Orleans fans, y'all. Case in point - in preparation for last evening's contest against the Patriots, yesterday was declared New Orleans Saints Day. Yes, an official holiday.

There are no words to describe the feelings felt last night when my Saints put on a clinic against the Patriots. No words to convey how I felt when Brady and Belichek were staring up at the scoreboard wondering what had just happened to their team. No way to explain to you how proud I am of the guys in black and gold.

Yes, my team. A winning team. A team that has a legitimate shot at going to - and winning - the Superbowl. Sweet mercy, I never thought those words would be uttered in reference to my team.

So Geaux Saints - show the world how awesome you truly are and know that you have fans like no other cheering you on (and raising the roof when it's called for) all the way.

Who Dat, Y'all!