Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last Home Game of the Year

The last home football game this year was on Halloween, which Miss Taylor thought was absolutely fabulous. It was a really early game (11am to be exact) because it was televised (someone should have revised our TV schedule after RG3 went down - just sayin'...) but we all headed out early to watch the Bears take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

As we were waiting in the parking lot in the car (got there really early and it was actually cold that morning), we were absolutely floored with the shear number of Nebraska fans. They just kept coming and coming and coming. Every single one of them was decked out in red from head to toe and I'd say approximately 45.8% of them had on a hat that was a corncob.


While I had to admire their team spirit and was amazed they had traveled so far, I must admit to - at one point - saying something along the lines of "they just keep coming - it's like a bunch of ants."

To which my child replied, "Yep - fire ants."

Get it - they were wearing red?! Loved it - and what's the old saying about the apple and the tree?

I digress.

Anyway, our guys put on a sporting performance and, while the final score was 20-10, we did not let them score a single point in the second half. We also apparently triple teamed Suh (you know, Mr. Defensive Player of the Year and Heisman Finalist) because we didn't hear his name once during the game.

We, friends, shut. Him. Down.

Oh, yes, we did.

Obviously I believe in moral victories.

I only took a few pictures because Miss Thang was still in her sling at the time and let's just say that she was less than willing to have many snapped that documented her injury. At least while she was awake.  But that'll be our little secret, ok?

The team warming up before the game began
More of the team warming up before the game
We were being a bit silly (shocker, right?) that day
It was a series of silly, y'all
Sweet, sweet face

Ok, prayer warriors, I have a request - Tay went back to the orthopedic surgeon earlier this week and the bone is 95% healed. She has been released to participate in PE again, which thrills her to no end, but she can't resume gymnastics/tumbling until March when she sees him for the final time.

Everything is great with one exception. We've worked extremely hard on getting her arm straight and have made significant progress. It's still only about 90% there, though. The doctor asked her to work really hard in the next few weeks because the window of opportunity will begin closing after that time.

Functionally, there is no issue but I don't know if this mom can live with the guilt of my baby girl having a crooked arm for the rest of her life. The doctor did say that, per the x-rays, there's no reason it can't/won't be straight. But I need her to work hard. And we're both really tired of this process. And, yes, I realize other people have much bigger issues and I do realize how blessed we've been in this process.

But I still covet your prayers.

Pretty please.