Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gaylord Texan Photo Ops

While I did promise to share ICE photos today (yesterday actually), I had forgotten about all of the awesome pics we took in the atrium on our way over to the main attraction. Since these were in my camera before the ICE photos (and because I am Type A on steroids), I'm sharing them first.

I know, it's hard to believe someone's that structured. But, have no fear, it doesn't translate to every facet of my life. For instance, you should see my house right now. You'd be amazed.

And. Not. In. A. Good. Way.

But I digress.

Moving on to more Christmas cheer, I present on of the largest Christmas trees I've ever had the opportunity to behold. And some mighty large soldiers as well.

This face cracks me up to no end. Why? Because most of the expressions I get from this ray of sunshine on a daily basis are more goofy than serious. For some reason, though, when I pull the camera out she goes formal on me. This time, though, I caught her.

Maybe her blood sugar was low?

There's a train exhibit behind her but, no surprise here, she was much more interested in the water feature...
...and then the koi pond...
Now if that doesn't scream Texas, I have no idea what you're looking for, my friend!

How funny is that?
She made me join in on the fun as well and, seriously, who am I to turn a snooty shoulder on a giant reindeer topiary?
That, my friends, concludes our tour of the Gaylord atrium. Next year I want to go back at night because there are thousands of lights that obviously aren't visible during the day. Talk about stating the obvious. I am on a roll here today, friends.

Anyway, I've just spent a wonderful Christmas Sunday with my parents and my girl, who sang in church this morning. We then celebrated Nana's birthday at Don Carlos and came back to our house for cake and presents.

Miss Taylor is now celebrating Christmas with her dad and won't be back until later this evening. Did I mention that Dave's at work? So, yes, Mama is alone. And now I'm going to go play musical haircolors (it's what I do when all of the housework is caught up - it's an illness, really).

Merry Christmas to all!