Friday, December 11, 2009

BMBC Fall Festival

Ok, y'all, so I'm backtracking a bit to Halloween (yes again) because I'm trying to get it all documented. If you've had enough of the cutest costume ever created then feel free to stop reading here. If, however, you have not, then please continue reading.

Our church had a Fall Festival the Wednesday before Halloween. Seeing as we were obviously out to have just as much stinkin' fun as possible, Miss Tay suited up once again and headed out with her candy pail.

But not before a bit of a goofball photo session with yours truly...

Then we headed out to church. First stop - the cake walk, of course!

Then a bit o' cookie decorating. And eating.
Following by more cake walk...
Many wistful glances were cast at the inflatables; however, I was not willing to risk further damage to her arm so then ugly glances were cast at me. All in a day's work, right?
More cookie decorating...
Then she just started taking group shots with my camera.
But took a break to have her face painted.
And that was it - oh, she did win a stuffed animal in the sucker pull. She thought that was the most fabulous thing EVER! And I thought it was super cool of God to cheer her up like that because she really was sad not to be able to play with the other kiddos. 

There's always next year, though, right?

Happy weekend everyone - we're heading to Grapevine tomorrow to ride the North Pole Express, visit the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord and enjoy Christmas on Main Street. You can be sure we will hit Spaghetti Warehouse on the way out of town as well. :-)