Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bears Visit Jerry World

Continuing with our sports theme this week (add that to the list of phrases I never thought would appear on my blog), we'll discuss the Texas Tech/Baylor game that was played at Jerry World (aka Cowboys Stadium) last week.

While I can't say that I agree with the outcome (last time I checked, it was NOT a fumble if your knee was down and I will go on record as saying Smith was NOT out of bounds), I was very proud of our team. They've been through a lot - like, a WHOLE LOT - this season but they went out with style. And pride.

They beat the other team on the field. They simply couldn't beat the guys in the black and white stripes who were on the field. This Baylor team has not gotten one single break this year. Zilch. Zero. I'm just praying that something (wink, wink) will happen during the offseason to discourage this poaching of Baylor. It's not fair to the young men who are giving it their all.

Steps down from soapbox.

Anyway, we did not attend the game but I my stepdad (who is a Red Raider but let's not talk about it) did and I managed to snag a few pictures from someone else who attended the game. So it's almost like I was there, right?

These two guys are a great team. And when we have RG3 back next year (along with 6'7" 285-lb. Troy Baker, who recently indicated he'll enter early in January), I think we'll see a markable difference in the team. We're still building so when Griff went down, we just didn't have the depth to back him up. These things happen. Just wish everyone understood that...

So #55 is J.D. Walton. And #11 is Phil Taylor. And #88 is Jason Lamb. All amazing, sizeable opponents. Walton is currently ranked as the #1 center to enter the NFL draft. Taylor is a transfer from Penn State who suffered from turf toe for most of the season but he'll back - and awesome - next year. Lamb is a punt blocking fool who I hope will get a chance in the NFL. 

This is Kaz. He's the strength and conditioning coach at Baylor. It's his second year. He's, um, a bit intense. But he's also amazing. In fact, he's so good that Jason Smith (remember #2 overall draft pick in the NFL last year?) comes back to Waco to train with him. Yep, that's impressive.

One of his assistant coaches is the husband of Taylor's current 4th grade teacher so we obviously feel a bit invested in his success. :-)

Funny story: Last year Tay took golf lessons from Ryan Roberts, who was the third string QB for Baylor at the time. (This was RG3's freshman year.) Anyway, we were chatting with him one day about the new coaches and he told us all about Kaz. Now you have to know that Ryan's a pretty buff dude himself (and was Tay's first crush ever) but, in his words, "no one has ever worked me out like Kaz - I thought, at one point, that I actually might just go met Jesus."

Needless to say, we're blessed to have Kaz on our side. I offered to set up a personal training session with him for my man as a Christmas present. He muttered something about the likelihood of having a fatal stroke and then declined. 

Go figure.