Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Carnival at School

One of Woodway Elementary's big events is the annual Fall Festival. Tay had been SO looking forward to this year's installment because she's a big 4th grader now and you know what the 4th graders' booth is? Why, it's the dunking booth!

She was the first one to turn in her permission slip at the end of September but, sadly, was unable to participate due to her broken elbow. In fact, that's one of the only things that made her cry while she was in the hospital. Yes, that's correct - surgery and broken bones and pain are nothing to this child but the inability to get dunked by her friends broke her heart. 

It was sad. Very. But, as you can see from the pictures below, she got over her sadness in time to enjoy the carnival anyway. 

Ah yes, it's certainly not fall until you've had a chance to wait in line for more than half an hour to get a hat made out of balloons. Said hat is still in our guest room. And will remain there until he no longer has any air in his little body. It was a LONG wait. 

But we had a great time while Dave was at home recovering from the swine flu. And, yes, there are still more Halloween/fall pics to come. We crammed a lot into a short amount of time! :-)