Monday, November 2, 2009

Treat Night at Baylor

Last Tuesday evening Baylor hosted Family Treat Night, which is a storied tradition. The children and grandchildren of the faculty and staff are invited to trick or treat in the residence halls. Many go all out with decorations and themes and they hand out LOTS of candy so we certainly weren't going to miss this exciting evening.

One thing I've noticed is that I didn't take many pictures during my days as a student at good ol' Baylor. I've slowly been rectifying that situation by taking them of Tay when we're out and about on campus. I can't say that she's always a willing subject but we're working on it...

Before we left the house I managed to get some fairly decent shots of her in her costume. I truly think the Twister game is one of my favorite costumes of all time. It's right up there with the Red Crayon!

The Tower of Pat Neff Hall (Casi trivia: when I first began working at Baylor, my office was on the third floor of Pat Neff. While I enjoy the parking advantages afforded by now working in Robinson Tower, I must admit to missing the sound of the bells each afternoon as I left campus.)

Miss Tay all ready to score some candy - she's in front of Waco Hall

Waiting in line for one of the games inside Memorial's Drawing Room (that's a classic Casi look, by the way - she got it honest! :-)

A spooky version of Memory

The theme for Memorial this year was Scooby Doo - here's Miss Tay making a "Scooby Snack" on the roof of the residence hall. She thought it was very cool to be on the roof :-)
After getting lots of candy, we headed over to visit Judge Baylor. Tay had never visited the big guy before and, honestly, she thought the best part was that his coat actually falls over the back of the status as well...perhaps we should work on some Baylor history in our spare time...  :-)

Judge - in all his splendor
All tricked and treated out - time to head home!


Gauger Family said...

Cute pics! How neat that you get to work on campus, very cool :)