Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baylor Homecoming Parade - Centennial Edition

Yes, I'm finally back in the land of the living (somewhat) after being sidelined and stuck in bed since Tuesday evening. What I thought was a simple respiratory infection threw me for a loop and, while I never actually thought I was dying, I must admit to thinking a couple of times that it might be the easier route.
My man (Mr. Healthcare) was rather appalled that I wasn't tested for the flu when I saw the NP (our doc was out of town) and he is leaning toward that being the actual diagnosis. Why? Well, the antibiotics really didn't seem to help at all and my fever didn't actually break until Thursday night. But it came right back and didn't break again until Friday at lunchtime. And then it came back again for a final hurrah that afternoon.
It was rough and I'm still weak but I'm SOOOOO much better than a few days ago!
But enough about me - let's move on to photos from the 100th Baylor Homecoming Parade. We've been so many and taken so many pics lately that I'm rather behind on getting this up but we had a great time.

Kappa Delta Float

The game was, well, let me just reiterate that RG3 is on the sideline. We lost to OSU but the officiating was pretty awful (as it was again today with UT) and even the color announcers thought the refs were a joke. But, really, don't get me started on officials. Not today. ;-)

I have a few pics from the game to follow shortly. Or, you know, in a couple of weeks. The way our life is going these days you just never know what's going to happen that will take me off my blogging game.