Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Pain No Gain

Ok, friends, I come to you today a bit of a wreck. And I'm not even sure why. Well, I have some idea, but really can't go into detail about it at the present time. 

I hate it when people say that but it's actually true in this instance. I will, however, share something with you that is part of the cause of my cracking little heart.

My baby girl has been out of her sling for a week now, which means she has 3 more weeks to regain full range of motion in her elbow. While I originally had no worries about this (it's not like this is our first - or even second - rodeo), I must admit that I'm growing increasingly concerned.

You see, that little elbow is more stiff than I'd realized and my little one is having a hard time forcing herself to stretch it out. So, being the one over 30 in this relationship, I've taken to stretching it out myself each night.

And it makes her cry.

Real tears.

Which makes me cry.

And then we're in an endless cycle.

So if you wouldn't mind throwing out a few extra prayers for my baby, I would appreciate it. Because just typing this is making my eyes start to water. Those of you who know me well realize that usually only happens when I'm angry. But I'm not mad. I'm just sad. 

Are you grasping the severity of this situation?

If you have some extra prayers to spare, you wouldn't waste a prayer on this other situation I'm being very shady about either.

Please and thank you.


Lauren said...

Praying it gets easier for Taylor to stretch her arm out...I know it has to be so hard to see her hurting like that! You're such a good mommy! Thinking of you :)