Monday, September 22, 2008

Build-A-Bear, Lost Tooth and Soccer!!

Well, Miss Taylor had a very busy weekend starting with her first soccer game of the season on Saturday morning. We had to change teams unexpectedly in the middle of last week so she hadn't even had a chance to practice before taking the field. So imagine our surprise when Miss Tay scored a goal!! She played soccer when she was 3 but didn't really enjoy it and, despite the coach's best efforts, never did manage to get the ball in the goal herself. Looks like she's gotten over that trouble. After she made the goal, it was like she went into overdrive and started running faster, getting into the huddle and making a path for herself. :-)
Then we headed to the mall because there's a new Build-A-Bear store here now. She made a cute little bear that she dressed in a baseball uniform and named him Champ. We had planned early last week to take her but kept it as a surprise until we walked into the mall. You should have seen her eyes get big as saucers!

Champ went with us to run errands and do some grocery shopping before enjoying his new home that afternoon with Miss Tay. She even had him go with us to church yesterday morning. He was very well-behaved...not a word ;-)

After cleaning house, doing laundry and putting out our fall decorations, we took a trip to Nana's to pick up goodies that Maw Maw had sent us. We now have a Clydesdale Webkinz who has been named Hershey Bar (he's chocolate brown colored) so Champ and Tay decorated his virtual room last night. Build-A-Bear also has a virtual world now as well so Champ was able to see himself on the computer too. It's really cute because he showed up on screen with the exact same clothes that Tay had picked out in the store. Gotta love technology!

So we had fajitas last night and Tay kept chewing and chewing and chewing her meat because she had a loose tooth. She was hoping to make it come out quickly and she succeeded. Right before bath time, she walked into our bedroom looking for a tissue to stop the bleeding a baby tooth in her hand. She was excited to see the Tooth Fairy had paid a visit this morning!
After all of the excitement of the weekend, I'm hoping to get a bit of rest at work today, all seriousness, though, she does have soccer practice this evening so we won't have much down time...thank goodness for the weekends!